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Thank you Mr President: My brother and his family lost his health insurance

November 15, 2013 Leave a comment
Dear Mr. President,

I wanted to thank you for being the change we can all believe in. In all honesty, I did not think it was possible that you can change our republic in the way you have.

Recently, I was told this very interesting story by my sister-in-law who went to the doctor for a consultation. I think this is a story you, in particular, will enjoy. She went to the doctor’s office for a consultation, she went to the front desk, and gave her insurance card to they told her to go to the doctor’s office and wait for the doctor. She went, and waited for the doctor. After about 10 minutes of waiting, the office assistant comes in and says that her health insurance has been deactivated. Meaning, the health care she has had for the last 13 plus years was canceled without warning, without a letter and not even a phone call. However, but because it was a consultation, they would only charge her 100USD for the visit, and that the procedure they would do for her later on would only cost a mere 2,000USD. So that she wouldn’t be charged anything, she had to cancel the appointment on the spot because she nor my brother have that kind of money.

You see Mr. President, my eldest brother is helping put his son through college, and as an EMT, he is barely making ends meet. Now that your Affordable Care Act has passed and is in force, neither he nor family have health insurance. My eldest brother is one the most hard working people I have ever met. He’s never, ever asked for a handout from the government, nor has ever bent the rules to get ahead. Now, because of your health care law, you have set him back. Can you explain to me how he can get health care insurance? Can you explain to my nephew that if he gets hurt now that it will have to come out of his father’s wallet? Can you explain why to my brother’s wife now that she will not be able to see her doctor any more?

I want to tell my brother to go to to sign up, but unfortunately no one can successfully sign up for the website because IT DOES NOT WORK!

Mr. President, since you have one of the best health care that a president can have, I was wondering if you are willing to put him and family on your health care plan? Are you willing to help pay for my sister-in-law’s medical expenses? Are you?

You see, we came from the ghetto, the South Bronx, and we’re one of the lucky one’s to have moved out of the ghetto to New England where my mom can give us a better life. We lived with gangs, drug addicts and drug users using in our apartment buildings, roaming the streets while we tried to go to school. Now that we are all grown up, and are working, some of us went to college, like myself, and others decided to just go into the work force.

You went on television and said very clearly and in plain english, that if we liked our health care, we can keep it. You said it many times. Now that your health care law went into effect, and millions of Americans are losing their health care, you then said that is not what you meant, to saying that what you said was inaccurate. In my world where I grew up in the ghetto, we call that being a liar. So thank you Mr. President, you really are the change we can really believe in because you have helped my brother’s family from having health care insurance to having none.

My only fear, is that your policies are doing so much harm than good for our country that I don’t think we’ll have a country left once you’re done wrecking it. Am I wrong?