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Making The Bus Monitor Cry

June 22, 2012 Leave a comment

There are few things, I believe, that can make my blood boil very quickly and among those are the abuse of children, women and defenseless individuals who are simply trying to go about their lives. However, in addition to that, I do take serious issue with any person or persons abusing the elderly whether it be verbally or physically. I recently read a New York Post article, where an elderly woman, Karen Klein, was tormented several young teenage boys on a school bus in Greece, New York. The tormenting ranged from calling her the following:

  • a fucking troll
  • a fucking fat troll
  • to shut the fuck up
  • fucking ugly ass ears
  • fat ass
  • dumb ass
  • etc., (I think you get the idea)

What is more disturbing is that as this is going on, she is crying and no one bothers to stop these young teenagers or at least stand up for her. I can not fathom what would possess these young boys to do this but none the less, the video has gone viral and has sparked outrage around the internet. Of all the questions one might ask, the only question I have to ask is about the parents of these fine outstanding citizens. When teenagers act out in similar fashion, I have reasoned that in the majority of the time, it is a direct result of how they are being raised and taught. It is quite clear from the video itself, that these tormenters do not respect those who elderly, and worse yet no respect for themselves and it is a direct reflection, I believe, of how they are being raised.

The video itself is about 10 minutes in length, however, I could muster to view it for only about 2 minutes because I became so incensed at what these boys were doing to Karen. It is one thing to make a joke, laugh, apologize and than move on to something else. However, it is another matter when joking is taken to the extreme and it becomes tormenting, and now it is not a joke any more but rather abuse.

I am a firm believer that, when you do something in this world, good or bad, it will come back to you three time, and therefore, it is imperative to treat every one that dwells on this Earth with respect. May be, the people that thought of this concept are wrong, and may be, they are right. Eventually, we do have to answer for our deeds in one form or another.

The most simplest emotion is to be aroused to anger and want to do harm to the boys that tormented Karen, and it is easy for any one of us to want to exact our brand of justice but I do believe, and I hope, that the parents of these boys will make it right by teaching them this form of behavior to any one, not just the elderly is not acceptable behavior; it begins with the parents.

There is good news? As a result of the video going viral, there was a fund set up for Karen Klein, so that she can go on vacation. The fund’s target was just 5000USD, and at the time of this post, it has raised over 450000USD from internet donations. Karma, isn’t it wonderful sometimes?

If you want to donate, please visit: