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I Do Not Support the Israeli Bombardment of Gaza

July 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Most wars, if not all, are the result of direct or indirect economic or financial gain. It can be said that throughout human history there were few wars that have ever been fought in the name of freedom. The great moral, political and social causes of those wars are normally secondary or tertiary in nature and are never the focus until after the masses are solidarity with the government. The only exception to this is the American revolution, where only one-third of American supported the effort and the two-thirds did not care or supported the British.

Recently, on the news, we have been privileged of seeing the handy work of the Israeli Defense Forces(IDF) bombardment of Gaza. Now, the IDF ground forces are going into Gaza and are leaving a path of destruction. This is all under the guise of taking revenge against Gaza/Hamas for the alleged murder of three Israeli citizens. Keep in mind, I say alleged because neither Israel or the international community have put forward any factual evidence that would support the narrative that Hamas is at fault.

It is no question, that I do not agree with the ideology behind Hamas, neither do I condone the notion of wiping the Jewish people off of the map. However, the government of Gaza and the people of Gaza are two distinct and separate entities and it is our duty as critical thinking human beings to separate the two lest we fail in using the great gray mass between our ears.

It is no quandary, that the non-muslim world mistrusts the muslim world, and it is with good reason. It was not that long ago, the muslim world were at the Gates of Vienna, and through great sacrifice, Europeans were able to push back the muslim armies. Now what was once the great muslim age, it is now in state of such great decline that to repair muslim society and would require a great reawakening. Since than, the Western world has held great contempt for the muslim world, and it is the same contempt that the Israeli government has had with the Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank.

It must be understood, that I have no quarrel with our Jewish and muslim brothers and sisters. However, I do take exception, today, to what Israel is doing right now. By the time you finish reading this, people will have died in Gaza, and ask yourself, for what? Let their be no mistake, the taking of any human life is tragic, but I would take exception to blaming the whole community of the Arabs in Gaza. I take extreme exception of the destruction of their homes, schools, and infrastructure. All they ask to be left alone, and to live in peace. Yet, here we have a Israeli government Hell-bent on destroying the will of the populace and creating a new generation of people who grow to hate Israel, and the Jewish people, thus repeating the cycle of violence. It is one thing if the whole population of Gaza is behind Hamas, and are actively trying to invade Israel proper, than Israel has every right to defend its sovereignty. Although, I would think that we would have learned from mankind’s recent history, that total-war solves nothing but creates a new generation of enemies, and the end result being a renewed cycle of destruction, each time being much worse than the latter.

If any invading army, G-d forbid, ever tried to invade the United States, would we not employ the same tactics? Would we not try every strategy to rid our land of the invaders and call them heroes? It is rather interesting, that we would consider a freedom fighter in the West, in the muslim and Middle Eastern world we call them terrorists.

The Arabs of Gaza, I believe, now are trying to defend themselves, and they’re using any means they have available to defend their homes, at least what is left of their homes. Their is an invading foreign power, Israel, attempting to subjugate them by the barrel of the gun, and yet the media is reporting that the Gaza people are firing rockets into Israel, and yet the media is conveniently leaving out the death and destruction left behind by our “ally” Israel. The Western media are not showing the pictures of the children being maimed, or killed. The Western media are not showing you the mothers, brothers or father killed while trying to protect their homes and families. They’re conveniently leaving that out because if you were aware of what Israel is doing, you would be outraged, and our leadership is guilty of allowing Israel to continue the slaughter of the Arabs of Gaza. The Western media are not showing you the celebration or gatherings of Israelis cheering on the destruction of homes, and death of civilians. If the media did its just job properly, the American people would be outraged!

What would our response be if a foreign power did such a thing to us or to any of our close allies? Do you think we would sit idly by and just watch? This is what our tax dollars are paying for. Each year we donate to Israel 3 Billion USD to help their war machine, and it is my opinion that we should no longer condone or even support this behavior by our “ally.”

It is my opinion that their is a financial incentive for Israel invade Gaza, that they are doing this for a financial gain, and not great moral ideas or justice. As an American, I can not, and I will not condone or support this aggressive action by Israel. This is not the Middle Eastern democracy I want to support, my conscience as an American, and sense of justice but most importantly my heart tells me so.



Saudi Beats Migrant Worker — Where is the outrage?

June 20, 2012 Leave a comment

It is not that often that I get to witness horrible videos that would enrage me to a point of violence. It is rather difficult to get me to that point to wanting to act on instinct rather than a rational mind. The video attached, shows a Saudi thug beating a migrant worker. The video speaks for itself and speaks volumes of what life is like for some of the migrant workers, who come from far away from their families, their country and friends to make a living.

The wailing of the grown man being beaten is very heart wrenching to hear, and is very difficult to understand why some one, or any one for that matter would do such a thing. My aim is not to imply that is this representative of all Arabs, Saudis, and all muslims. I believe, it is very important and that it is understood that there are good muslims, Arabs and Saudis, however, one can not remain silent while this form of abuse, travesty and inhumanity continues to occur.

It would be ignorant to say that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not know about this form of abuse. We are all quite aware of the rapes that occur, the living conditions for migrant workers in that country. As long as the oil continues to flow, as long as the dictators of that country continue to receive money, nothing will ever change. How many more people have to beaten before any one in Saudi Arabia en masse begins to take notice and call for this form of behavior to stop? How many women have to be raped by their employers for some one to say something?

One has to ask, where is the outrage from Saudi Arabia’s neighbors? Notice how their counterparts are more willing to protest, to the point of killing another human being for criticizing their religion and yet we will never likely see protests from their muslim counterparts condemning the actions of this thug boy. Suddenly, every one is looking down at the floor.

I wish our “ally” Saudia Arabia would wake up, but that is like asking The People’s Democratic of Korea to actually hold free and fair elections. It is to force the Arabs of that country that they are wrong in how they treat their migrant workers, and to do so would ruin their arrogant belief that their culture is superior to all others, when clearly, videos like this, and others alike say otherwise.