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Saudi Beats Migrant Worker — Where is the outrage?

June 20, 2012 Leave a comment

It is not that often that I get to witness horrible videos that would enrage me to a point of violence. It is rather difficult to get me to that point to wanting to act on instinct rather than a rational mind. The video attached, shows a Saudi thug beating a migrant worker. The video speaks for itself and speaks volumes of what life is like for some of the migrant workers, who come from far away from their families, their country and friends to make a living.

The wailing of the grown man being beaten is very heart wrenching to hear, and is very difficult to understand why some one, or any one for that matter would do such a thing. My aim is not to imply that is this representative of all Arabs, Saudis, and all muslims. I believe, it is very important and that it is understood that there are good muslims, Arabs and Saudis, however, one can not remain silent while this form of abuse, travesty and inhumanity continues to occur.

It would be ignorant to say that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not know about this form of abuse. We are all quite aware of the rapes that occur, the living conditions for migrant workers in that country. As long as the oil continues to flow, as long as the dictators of that country continue to receive money, nothing will ever change. How many more people have to beaten before any one in Saudi Arabia en masse begins to take notice and call for this form of behavior to stop? How many women have to be raped by their employers for some one to say something?

One has to ask, where is the outrage from Saudi Arabia’s neighbors? Notice how their counterparts are more willing to protest, to the point of killing another human being for criticizing their religion and yet we will never likely see protests from their muslim counterparts condemning the actions of this thug boy. Suddenly, every one is looking down at the floor.

I wish our “ally” Saudia Arabia would wake up, but that is like asking The People’s Democratic of Korea to actually hold free and fair elections. It is to force the Arabs of that country that they are wrong in how they treat their migrant workers, and to do so would ruin their arrogant belief that their culture is superior to all others, when clearly, videos like this, and others alike say otherwise.