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Response Commentary: Sheriff Knezovich Addresses “Hatemongering” Article by InfoWars

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InfoWars Article: Police Caught Saying MRAP is for Constitutionalists

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich Response Video to InfoWars Article: Click to view


Dear Ozzie Knezovich,

I understand why you did this response video the InfoWars article, and video that was released in regards to your deputy saying that the MRAP was for “Constitutionalists.” However, I think you need to understand the real underlying reason for the outrage, and I do not think you understand it. May be you do, and may be I’m being too cynical about it. It is not a coincidence that police departments all around our republic are getting these weapons and tools of war. We are seeing these weapons and tools of war used by the police against American citizens to execute search warrants, collect on student loans, fines and other nuances that would simply take two or three police officers to do.

Something is happening with our police departments all around our republic and yet, when we bring these issues to light, we are villified as being paranoid, delusional, or my favorite one an Alex Jones Conspiracy theorist. I guess I must be one of those “Constitutionalists” your deputy was talking about because I will never follow an un-Constitutional law or order; keep in mind, I’m just a civilian, I have never swore an oath to an office, or duty. However, I recognize that as part of my citizenship, our civic duty as American citizens is to never obey police or President Obama unlawful commands should they issue one, but to obey the lawful commands of the Constitution, to question every thing around us.

So when we see a deputy, a sheriff, a congressman or officer of government say these things, it raises an eyebrow or two. Look at what is happening all around our republic with these laws the several States in our Union are passing for “legislation” such as, for example, the New York SAFE Act, or Connecticut’s firearms legislation, and look who they are looking to enforce these draconian laws. You, and your deputies. Of course, than, add to that you have the general government buying 2 billion rounds of ammunition, and small town police departments getting these tools of war which are practically tanks, and getting gear that makes them look like soldiers.

It ceases to be a conspiracy theory when they doing the very things we are concerned about right in front of our faces. Other police officers have said it in plain writing that they wishing for the day to be given the order to go and get firearms of law abiding American citizens. So you see why when see people, like your deputy, says the thing that he said and it raises eyebrows and brings condemnation? We see it all over YouTube, police doing the unthinkable, and yet, when the questions are raised, all we get is terse response and no wrong doing. Just like your claim that your deputy did nothing wrong, according to you in your video. The American people are on edge, they see something is happening with our police & government, and something is wrong. May be you do not see it because you’re part of the system, so your view is skewed

Look, I recognize that there people out there who claim to be “Constitutionalists” but are merely people who are opportunists who bend the law to their dictates and likings; just like there are police officers who claim to be for the Constitution but yet are the first ones at a illegal check point demanding drivers licenses for no reason.

Something is happening in our republic, and unless we fix it and address it now, it is only going to get worse. I dread the day that an American will have to pick up their firearm, and draw his weapon against another armed American because he is in fear of losing his unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Last time that happened, six hundred thousand lost their lives and I don’t think we want  repeat of history.


A Note From Eric Garner(Photo)

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For Eric Garner, who never had a chance with New York’s Finest. . . .

If you see something, do something!

DC Navy Yard Shooting: Response to HillaryClintonFor2016 on

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HillaryClintonFor2016 wrote:

this is exactly why we need to stop hedging our bets and just start our campaign to outlaw all guns. We need to take the house and Senate and vote for Hillary in 2016 in order for us to stand up and loudly declare that individuals have NO REASON to own a gun. People will give you examples all day long of preventing rape and murder with their guns but statistically they do more harm than good. Just because one father was able to stop his daughter from being raped does not mean we should not look at the bigger picture of guns doing more harm than good.

This is a response to the above comment made by HillaryClintonFor2016 in the article, “12 victims slain in Navy Yard shooting rampage; dead suspect ID’d.” For a long time, I stood on the sidelines thinking about guns and if they have any value. The truth of the matter is this, I have had four family members die because of guns that were possessed by individuals who should not have had them. However, in all instances my family or their friends never blamed the gun for the killing. They placed the blame in the right place, at the individuals who pulled the trigger.

It is rather interesting, that when a suicide bomber detonates his ordinances, the media or politicians are quick to blame the suicide bomber and his ideology but yet they never seem to come to terms and blame the ordinances that exploded and caused the damaged. However, when a shooter goes on a rampage, suddenly now, the tool that was used is to blame and not the individual who pulled the trigger. Can we say irony? Can we say hypocrisy?

Within the next few hours or days, you’re going to see people on CNN, ABC, Fox News and all the mainstream media outlets with their analysis and they’ll point the finger at the AR-15 as the culprit. You will see Piers Morgan, again, on his anti-2nd Amendment crusade to ban AR-15s and you will see the media plaster photos of the victims who died, especially of the police officer that was murdered, too. They will tell you that something needs to be done, and that we need to stop this chaos. They will plaster photos of the victims, especially the police officer, and say we need to do something because more people will die if we don’t. I agree, we need to stop the chaos, however, banning the tool is not the answer. If that is the case, then we need to ban automobiles because of the amount of people who are killed and injured as a result of vehicular homicides that occur in our republic. We also need to disband police departments because of the amount of complaints and excessive use of force.

You’re going to see Michael Bloomberg and Diane Feinstein come out of their caves and start their rhetoric about guns, and AR-15s. Remember one thing about these individuals, they have protections that we civilians do not have or can afford. They can afford to have armed escorts and body guards while we civilians do not. They want us, the American people, to rely on the government to protect us. However, when the government always steps in to protect or to help they do more harm than good. Don’t believe me? Just ask the people Louisiana how good of job they did when Katrina hit? Ask the law abiding citizens of Louisiana who were disarmed and left to fend for themselves or were arrested for having the tools to defend themselves. Ask the Branch Davidians how well they were treated by the government at Waco or Randy Weaver at Ruby Ride. Ask the people of Hurricane Sandy how well they were helped by the government. Keep in mind, this is all in recent history, and we can cover more examples but it would be futile because many will fail to see to come to terms with reality.

So therefore, what is the use of these examples if we can not come to terms with reality about our government? Our government wants us to be disarmed, just look at the unconstitutional legislations they’re attempting to pass. Of course, they’ll never say it outright because they’re too cowardly to admit such a thing because to do so would mean the cat is out of the bag we will see them for who they really are. We would see them as opportunists using a tragedy to further the agenda of disarming the American people. They would rather have the police armed to the teeth while we civilians are left to their mercy and that is a situation myself and millions of other Americans are not willing to accept.

You will be told that there is no reason to own a gun, like HillaryClinton2016 wrote, however, what this individual and the individuals that agree with this view is that we face threats in society. Dialing 911, and asking the rapist to wait while the police come is not going to deter a rapist or a carjacker. They will also tell you that only military and the police should have these types of weapons. What individuals like HillaryClinton2016 fail to understand is that we civilians face the very same threats police face, the only difference being is that civilians like myself do not have a uniform or a badge. While law enforcement can call for backup and be surrounded by their colleagues, we civilians just have 911 and whatever weapon we can get our hands on to defend ourselves with. The criminal will always find a way to circumvent the law, it is the law abiding citizen whose hands will be further constrained by laws that will restrict their right to defend themselves.

I am willing to bet that where this tragedy occurred is at a “gun free zone” where in a nutshell, only certain individuals have the privilege to carry weapons while the rest of the people are just there waiting to be slaughtered because some lunatic thought it was a good way to end his life and the lives of others who did no wrong to him. Sound familiar courtesy of Sandy Hook and other “gun free zone” tragedies? The only crime was to be there at the same time the deranged suspect was and who lost all moral human convictions.

Now what I just wrote will offend many people, and will get me condemned for being morally obtuse, and insensitive. However, I would argue to look beyond the fabric of attempting to be offended and simply look at the facts. Before the Sandy Hook shootings, I was never much concerned about the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution because I trusted the government it would always do the right thing, however, evidence now proves otherwise, the government can not be trusted to protect us. As a result of the Sandy Hook tragedy, I educated myself to understand why we have guns and why civilians like myself are allowed to have them. It is not a tool for just duck hunting or deer hunting as Andrew Cuomo would have you believe. It is not a tool to dismember, maim or kill someone. However, it is a tool to defend yourself, your family, your home and most importantly our republic. The media and politicians will say but that is the job of the military to defend the republic, to which I say no, it is not. It is the duty of every American citizen, that is what our Founding Fathers intended and anyone who says otherwise has not read their history or is ignorant of it.

To outlaw guns, or to limit what civilians can and can not do will open a pandora’s box in our republic of the likes we have never seen. Our republic will be placed into two classes, those that can and those that can not. Those that can defend themselves, and those that can not. Remember, according to the ruling by Warren v. District of Columbia police are under no obligation to protect you. So, who than must we turn to be able to defend ourselves if the police are under no obligation to protect you? To outlaw guns means to be at the mercy of the state, and history has shown us, the state has done a good job of turning on the very people that either put them in power or allowed them to rule. All we have to do is ask the people of the former Soviet Union, Armenians of Turkey, Nazi Germany, Uganda, Cambodia, China, North Korea. Better yet, let us ask the Native Americans if we can trust the government at all to do anything right. It is simply a matter of time before our government after disarming the American people that they will turn on us.

If you don’t believe me, fine, I understand. Months ago, if someone asked this very same question to me, I would have said that individual was a conspiracy theorist, paranoid, delusional or simply plain out crazy. However, all I would ask is this, look at the evidence, and don’t take my word for it. When you have looked at all the evidence ask this simple question, is it really a conspiracy theory when turns out to be true?

I am an American, I am not a terrorist – Original

March 7, 2013 Leave a comment

I am. . .

I am an American citizen,
I believe in the ideals of our Constitution, and Declaration of Independence,
I am not a Democrat or Republican,
I am a simple person who believes our country is dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.[1]

I am an American citizen,
I believe governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,[2]
I am not an extremist.

I am an American citizen,
I believe our Southern sister States fought for the Constitution as bequeathed by our Fathers, to protect their homes and not to protect slavery,
I am not a racist!

I am an American citizen,
I believe our Northern sister States who fought for the Union believed that the life of the Union was essential to the life of liberty,[7]
I am not a tyrant.

I am an American citizen,
I believe our Northern and Southern sister States fought with valor as God gave them to see the right in their cause,
One for liberty in the union of the States, the other for liberty in the independence of the States,[7]
I am not ashamed.

I am an American citizen,
I wish for our future generations to enjoy the freedoms we inherited from our Fathers purchased by Revolutionary blood,
I believe our freedoms are worth fighting and dying for just as the patriots of old have,
I am not a terrorist.

But. . . .

Like every one else,
I didn’t understand why our elected officials are not held accountable when they commit crimes and excuse their behavior,
I am fearful our elected officials have lost their way, they no longer represent the people, but themselves.

Like every one else,
I never took serious the warnings by our Founding Fathers about tyranny,
I was ignorant of our history.

Like every one else,
I don’t understand why our president needs 2 billion bullets and weapons,
I never thought I’d live to see the day where a president of the United States would raise an army to invade his own country,[3]
I am not a conspiracy theorist.

Like every one else,
I never thought I would live to see the day where American troops are patrolling American cities and towns,
I am not over reacting but are we at war?

Like every one else,
I never thought the president of the United States would condone the deaths of American citizens with an executive order,
I never thought the president of the United States would order the deaths of American citizens without due process of law,
I was naive.

Like every one else,
I don’t understand why our elected officials think law abiding Americans bear arms only for deer or duck hunting,
I am not a duck or deer hunter but will use a firearm defend my freedom.

Like every one else,
I never thought our government would deem us extremists because we exercise our right to bear arms to defend our liberties,
I am confused, isn’t the role of government to defend our liberties and not take them?

Like every one else,
I never thought our government would deem us mentally unfit because we want to exercise our right to bear arms to defend our property,
Why can’t I defend my property?

Like every one else,
I never thought our government would deem us criminals because we want to exercise our right to bear arms to defend our families,
What is wrong with defending my family?

Like every one else,
I never thought our government would deem us felons because we want to exercise our right to bear arms to defend our lives,
What crime did I commit?

Like every one else,
I never thought our government would deem us terrorists because we want to exercise our right to bear arms to defend our State’s sovereignty,
I am not a gun fanatic.

Like every one else,
I thought the role of government and jobs of our elected officials are to secure, defend and protect our rights,
Why do people like Andrew Cuomo and Diane Feinstein use tragedies to take them away?

Now. . .

My eyes are open,
Our country is being taken from us,
I want my country back!

I look for inspiration and guidance,
I read of the days of old, when t’was the days of ’76[4]
Where free men, young and old,
They fought and died for our freedom, our independence,
Each than American: brave and bold.

With the noble Stars and Stripes,[4]
Our patriot ancestors in triumph they appeared,
In what was called the shot heard ’round the world.

In the darkest of times, today, we call upon the memories our patriot ancestors,
We seek their guidance as they understood their duties to be in the spirit ’76,
To fulfill that promise 7 score and 10 years ago,
That government of the people, for the people and by the people with her Constitution shall not perish from this Earth.[5]

I am American who loves the Constitution, our flag and our republic like the patriots of old,
Please understand: I am not a terrorist.

Copyright 2013, by Cycloneous

[1] Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson / Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln

[2] Declaration of Independence

[3] Gods and Generals, General Robert E. Lee

[4] New York Volunteer, Bobby Horton, Homespun songs of the Union Army

[5] Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln

[6] Inscription on the monument to the dead of the Confederate States Army, Arlington National  Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

[7] Reminisces of the Civil War, John B. Gordon

Aurora, Colorado Tragedy: Thoughts

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The tragedy that befell Aurora, Colorado has left the community stunned and the rest of our country bewildered as to why the perpetrator committed wanton murder. Like the Columbine tragedy, many people, like myself, find it very difficult to comprehend why such an individual or set of individuals would do this.

I will neither attempt to sugar coat or attempt to sensationalize this tragedy because in the interest and out of respect for those that died. It is very difficult to comprehend, to understand and to even fathom why any one of sound mind would kill any one, for any reason.

I find it rather disturbing that now, we have our politicians pointing fingers at the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution, and saying that it is to blame for this travesty. Nothing but bewilderment engulfs my mind for the simple fact that it is the 2nd Amendment that is the safe guard that allows the people to be the protectors of our blessed republic without it, we are powerless. Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, has begun spewing nonsense and dribble that we need more fire arm control regulations and laws and what that individual and others who share his opinion are a danger to our society as a whole. They are willing to disarm and victimize law abiding citizens at the expense of our future security as a free people.

We can put as a many regulations and laws in place, just like we have put so many already on the propaganda initiatives called the War on Terrorism, the War on Drugs and the War on Poverty. What will it take for individuals like Michael Bloomberg, and others alike to understand that criminals will always find a way to circumvent the law or break it outright, that no amount of regulations can deter a determined but deranged individual from wanton, cold blooded murder.

I do not want the focus of this entry to be on our leadership, because it is not about them, and never will be about them, but rather they are the obstacle in a long train of usurpation’s of our trust and confidence.

In spite of this tragedy, we are obligated to acknowledge these acts of bravery exhibited by some of the individuals who put themselves in harms way to defend the ones they loved and died. It is a mark of the ultimate sacrifice for the ones they cherished like roses but to be never held again. Among the ones that paid the ultimate sacrifice was Alexander Teves, who shielded his girlfriend, Amanda. His girlfriend described him as her angel that night, and rightfully so, he was her guardian angel now among the other angels not part of this world, but rather the next. Another individual that needs mentioning is John Larimer, who shielded his girlfriend, Julia, upon instinct, and for that price, he paid with his life. These acts of bravery are representative of American manhood, that is present in all of us, unfortunately, some will pay with our lives, and while others will not.

I would hope and believe, that we will never forget these individuals, and that we may honor their memory by showing similar acts of bravery when faced with adversity.

To the families of this tragedy, my consolation that I can give, are my prayers and thoughts. I would hope, others do the same not because I asked, but because it is the right thing to do. God speed us all.