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To our service men and women — Thank you!

It is not that often that I get to write on soldiers. In fact, this is my first time writing about something beyond the realm of what I normally write about. However, I do believe it necessary to do. I would like to thank our armed forces for doing the job that they do. There is no doubt in my mind, they are the essence in what makes this country what it is, not powerful, not rich, but in the most simplest terms, free.

They, our soldiers, our beloved sisters, fathers, brothers, mothers, uncles or aunts in uniform do a job that very few are honored to do. They are the teeth of our liberty, our freedoms, our country and our Constitution.

There is a question among the ranks of the military of who is the greater branch, they mock on another, but all jest and fun knowing that they are all equally important to the sustenance to the American fabric of our way of life.

The media does a pleasant job in defaming their name, but little do they know the job they have to do, and under what odds. However, there are few in the media that respect our soldiers, and in what they do. I want a responsible media to tell us when our soldiers do wrong, but I also want the media to tell us when our soldiers do right.

The media, our politicians and citizenry do not understand the level of responsibility they owe to our brave American soldiers. They do not understand that freedom our Constitution protects because they were given these freedoms by people who did earn it with their lives, we are not the owners of that freedom, we are its custodians just like our Founding Fathers intended it to be; it is not ours to give away at any cost that is what the American soldiers swears to.

There are more things the average American soldier does right that very few know about. The importance of  giving a voice to those who can not speak for themselves, especially in places like Afghanistan, where it is a crime to some for girls to go to school, for women to work, or even speak out. To give those who have no hope, that there are those who do care, they are our soldiers, and even though our politicians are quick to put our soldiers in harms way, our soldiers, our brave soldiers do their duty. They do their duty, not for place or rank, not for fame or reward but as they understand their duty to be.

We all wish their safe return to their families, and we wish them well in the mission to promote the very simple ideals of what it means to be free.

To our American soldiers who fighting overseas for freedom, thank you!

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