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Sandy Hook Elemantary School Tragedy: After Thoughts

December 17, 2012 Leave a comment

There are few in this enlightened age that can truly understand the events that transpired on Friday, December 14, 2012. While there are many in the media that will attempt dissect and tell their story about the tragedy, it is suffice to say that no amount of analysis can truly bring to the forefront the honest truth of what would possess another human being to take the lives of other humans beings, in particular children. The only real question that comes to my mind is, why?

Rather than come to a conclusion based on pure emotion, I thought it best to wait until more facts are available in this tragedy, and let their be no doubt, what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School was pure evil perpetrated by a pure evil human being. There are few words that I can use to summarize the individual’s state of mind, and why he or any one for that matter would do such as thing. For many of us, including myself, it is very difficult to understand, and rightfully so. However, now we must begin the difficult task of piecing together the events that led to the tragedy, and pick up the pieces from that tragedy.

There are those that will say, Adam Lanza was simply mentally ill and he should not bare part of the responsibility of what happened because of his mental state. I have been of the opinion, to an extent, that regardless of one’s mental state and past, it does not and should never excuse this type of behavior. As a result, the individual at hand deserves punishment and should be held accountable to the full extent that the law allows. However, Adam Lanza, took his own life before he could be brought to justice and be held accountable. In a similar fashion, he repeated his cowardly but evil act of destruction and took his own life.

Now, because of his own demise by his own hands, we can only guess as to what were the motivations behind these evils acts. We do know his intent was death and destruction, but why? The only person that knows the reasons and motivations behind these acts is Adam Lanza himself. For many of us reading and watching the stories of what happened that day, we are trying to understand why would some one do such a thing? What would possess an adult human being to take the lives of children who are full of life and do not understand the true dangers of the outside world? If Adam Lanza was so tormented, why did he not seek help or talk to some one? Why take the lives of children who have nothing to do with his disturbed mental equilibrium and state?

The more I try to answer the questions at hand, the more questions I have and it is my belief that we will never know why his heart possessed so much evil. There are no amounts of psychological theories that can truly grasp the magnitude on why Adam Lanza did this, for to do so or attempt to do so will contain volumes upon volumes conflicting theories of thought and we will continue to ask more questions.

In my family, we are not immune to death, a long time ago, death came for my cousin, Louie. I was a little boy than, I did not understand the outside world because I was shielded and protected from it by my parents. My cousin Louie’s life style was a questionable one, and eventually, his life style caught up to him by way of a single gun shot by some one he thought he could trust. As people in my house began to weep, and were grief stricken, I noticed that they didn’t blame the gun that instigated my cousin’s murder, they blamed his cowardly friend.

When my mother learned that her boyfriend back than was shot in the neck but thankfully and miraculously survived, she did not blame the gun, she blamed the individual that attempted to rob her boyfriend. It would have been easy for my mother to point the finger at the gun that was the tool to almost kill her boyfriend, but she didn’t because the blame, and I believe, rightfully so, belongs with the cowardly excuse of a man that pulled the trigger.

Some time ago, back home in the Bronx, when I was 16, during the Persian Gulf War of 1991, my brother, Pedro, and I were at the wrong place at the wrong time. We had erroneously decided to go to the store to go by a car magazine since my brother’s employment at the time was car repair. Like all younger brothers, I decided to attempt follow in his footsteps, because he is someone I look up to, even to this day. As we were coming back from the store with the magazines in my brother’s car on Westchester Avenue, my brother called to my attention that the police were following us. As my brother pulled over, and came to a full stop, the two policemen, came running out of their patrol vehicle, nearly stormed our vehicle, pointed their .357 pistols at our heads, demanding the following, “put your f**king hands up, or we’ll blow your f**king head away!” I never understood why we were stopped, but one thing that came to my mind immediately and briefly was how life briefly flashed across my eyes. It was the first time I was confronted with the notion that my life was in literally in the hands of some one else, I was just a trigger pull away from living or dying. I was scared.

It is true, when confronted with death, life does briefly flash across one’s mind, and to this day, I will never forget that horrid moment. When we inquired to the police officers why were we stopped, their simple response was that we looked suspicious and that we fit the description of two individuals who robbed an establishment, even though that establishment was miles away in the opposite direction. When my brother snarlingly remarked is it because us two latinos looked Iraqi, the officer’s response was, “if you were Iraqi, we wouldn’t be having this conversation!” I took that as an implicit threat. We were searched, briefly, and let on our way. That was the first time, I was confronted with death, and by grace of God, we were lucky to go home, and explain to our mother what had happened.

Today, my brother and I can recall that horrid day and evening, but we do not blame the NYPD or the guns that were in the hands two individuals who swore to uphold the law and the Constitution, we simply blame the two individuals who decided to take the law into their own hands.

For some, this may be difficult to comprehend and to understand, but I believe it must be said. Therefore, I summarize that no amount of gun control legislation will be able to stop the non-sense that is happening across our nation because it is not the guns that are the problem. We are the problem, and until we begin to look from within, we will never be able to come to an informed and intelligent answer for the violence. It easy for the media to point fingers at the 2nd Amendment and say “there is our problem, it is at fault!” It is easy to blame something that can not speak for itself, and it is easy to point fingers without any rationality behind it because it is convenient for the media to do so at the expense of our rights.

In some aspects, I blame the media. I blame the media because they implicitly give people, especially those that are depressed and whose mental equilibrium is unbalanced, the notion, that because you are a nobody, in order to become some body and remembered, you should perform acts of violence, look at all the attention you will be given if you perform this single act. No one will remember a man that took his life in his own apartment, or home, but people will remember when a mentally disturbed person takes the lives of innocent men, women and especially children.

No other empirical proof is needed than the sensationalism orchestrated by the media itself by putting the photos of the killer on the front page, and sensationalizing the tragedy for more ratings. It is with great disgust that I say this and shame because the media knows this but their excuse will be it is obligation to report these awful and gut wrenching tragedies. However, it is also their obligation to do so responsibly as intended by our Founding Fathers.