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Black Belt Thesis for American Kenpo Karate: Draft 1

March 4, 2018 Leave a comment

Status: Draft 1
Rank: Brown Belt, 2nd Degree
Martial Art: American Kenpo Karate
Senior Grand Master: Edmond Parker(b. 1931, d. 1990)
Purpose of Paper: Black Belt Thesis
Head Instructor Rank: Black Belt, 7th Degree

Title: A Brief Look at American Kenpo Karate and its Benefits Synopsis: A brief introduction to American Kenpo Karate with the attribution to mental aspects of the martial art and applicability to the real world.


What is American Kenpo Karate? If you asked any instructor of American Kenpo Karate, they will tell you it is a technique based, complete self-defense system made famous by Edmond Parker that is an American martial art based on scientific principles of economy of motion, simplicity, physics and basic human physiology. It is a system where every strike is a block, and every block is a strike. Some notable students of American Kenpo are Jeff Speakman, Larry Tatum, and Elvis Presley. While this is a reasonable definition, it still does not answer the real question. What is American Kenpo Karate? How does it help with life and work?

In order to understand the questions we must seek more depth and analysis of what American Kenpo Karate teaches to truly understand the question. We must therefore look beyond the physical, and look at the mental aspect of American Kenpo Karate in terms of humbleness, discipline, focus, its life lessons, goals met or sought, confidence built, and showing us in all situations an ideal state of mind to strive for.Focus American Kenpo Karate, like other martial arts, reinforces the notion that it is important to focus what is in front of you. How many times during our lives we tend to forget to look at what is in front of us and to pay attention? For example, when we are running drills, the most important aspect of each lesson each instructor teaches is to look forward because the majority of the time that is where our opponent is. As a result, we must be observant, and react accordingly to our training and handle what is in front of us. If we fail to look, and focus what is in front of us, we are destined to get hit, we are destined to make terrible life mistakes, and most tragically, we will fail in all that we do for failing to understand this most important task.


An aspect that is never taught in class but is experienced in class is humbleness. In our travels of life, we will meet many arrogant or overtly confident individuals. In American Kenpo Karate, we spar to test our abilities, and to make ourselves better and not beat each other up. If you that is your purpose, then may be a career in Mixed Martial Arts is in order for you. There will be times, for example, in my karate class, when your name is called, and you are in full sparring gear, and you will be told to spar a bigger opponent. This opponent will be faster, stronger, and more experienced. When the instructor says “FIGHT” and you are suddenly overwhelmed with kicks to your body, punches to your face or stomach. However, last week, you were able to over come another opponent with a similar height zone as you, you were able to punch and kick to victory. Now, today, you were defeated, you were bested by some one who was clearly better then you.

How often in life we will face challenges and arrogantly or overtly confidently attempt them, and we fail to understand that not all challenges can be over come with this attitude? American Kenpo Karate humbles you, and teaches, that yes, we must be confident in our abilities, but we also must humbly accept our limitations, work around them to over come the obstacles in front of us. If we fail to recognize that there is always a bigger mountain behind the one we just climbed, we most certainly lose because of our arrogance. As Sun Tzu once said, “if you know the enemy, and know thyself, in an one hundred battles, you need not fear defeat.” Sun Tzu continued, and said, “If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

In my fourth or fifth time sparring, arrogantly, and overly confident, I was called to spar, and was paired with Steve, a green belt at the time. Up until that point in sparring matches, I was never defeated and never been humbled. In that sparring match, for the first time, I was not able to connect, or get close enough to strike, I was the one getting hit, I was the one experiencing frustration and all I could do was simply take it. The lesson from that sparring match was that in order to properly face an opponent I needed to respect my opponent but most importantly humble myself to the level of my opponent and show the level of humbleness I would expect others to show me when paired. It is that lesson to each sparring match I take with me.

The results of that attitude has been better understanding of myself, and how to see the world and others differently. I re-dedicated my efforts to over come my limitations, by drilling more, looking at my mistakes, remembering to relax and flow like water, avoid the high, the difficult, to advance and hasten to the low, and the least difficult. I failed in listening to what Sun Tzu had said, “If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.” I knew myself, I understood my abilities, but I never bothered to understand or learn about my opponent, and it was a humbling but meaningful experience. I rushed into battle, I failed to understand my opponents weaknesses, his strengths, I failed to put myself In their shoes, I failed to look at the battle from my opponents perspective and point of view. American Kenpo forces you to look at your opponent, to respect them, and most importantly, to understand them.


There is no book in existence, I believe, that can truly explain the mental discipline Martial Arts instills into an individual, in this case, American Kenpo Karate. If there was such book, it would take volumes upon volumes to showcase the unique discipline aspects Martial Arts has on a person. From stretching, to practicing drills alone, to finding the strength to go to class when really you had a horrible day at work, the person on the road when you were traveling to your home cut you off, or a civilian police officer had nothing better else to do but give you a citation because they thought going 5 mph over the limit was an egregious act only reserved for themselves, it takes discipline to overlook these challenges, a mental overload, go to class with a state of mind where the outside world is just that. The outside world, where everything happened to you, and the dojo or classroom is the inside world, and what happened to you an hour or ago, two hours ago, six hours ago does not matter. What matters most is what is in front of you, and right now.

It is a haven for your mental equilibrium because for that hour or so, now you can focus on what is in front of you, you can begin to heal with like minded individuals who share your passion of the martial arts. When every one else is busy partying, or going to the beach, you are stuck at the gym or your living room, and practicing what your instructor was barking at you with a loud demeanor, telling you that must understand the concepts of the technique in order to understand fully the lesson being taught holistically. It takes discipline to forgo these basic joys of life to want to understand, to comprehend the bigger picture, and simply practice the techniques and drills you were taught by your instructors to gain a better understanding of not just your opponent, but of yourself.

It takes discipline as your body is telling you it is fatigued, tired and hungry but you press on, you are still in class, you are still taking down your opponent in the drill, you are not wavering, and you are continuing forward. When you have fallen from hurt muscles, your drill partner threw you on the floor, you have a busted lip, sore ribs but your mind says to the body, “get up, get up, you are not done! You must get up! GET UP CYCLONEOUS, GET UP NOW!” Slowly, I take a deep breath and exhale, I muster the strength, and I tell yourself, “I can do this!” I summon the will power to get up with my knee, then my hands, and slowly I rise up, and I tell your classmate “again,” to repeat the drill; that takes mental fortitude.


In life, whether it be at work, or other endeavors, you will fall, you will fail at certain things, you will falter, you will be told you can’t do it, you will be encouraged to stop, but that adversity, that challenge, to get up will be the fire that will you keep you going so that you do not fall again. American Kenpo, as a philosophy, gives you these important lessons, so that each time I practice I evolve, become more focused, relaxed, humbled, disciplined and most importantly each time I leave class, I emerge: reborn.

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Then they came for me. . .

April 26, 2013 Leave a comment

After seeing what happened in Boston,  as a result of the false flag bombing and recent behavior by our government, I couldn’t help but notice the state of our country. I am very alarmed, angry, worried but also sad. Now, under the pretext of “keeping us safe” or “rescuing us” the militarized police can now disregard the Constitution, take us from our homes at gun point and behave like Nazis demanding our papers. They can establish checkpoints, and perverted men and women in black robes will agree that it is okay to violate your rights. They can shoot our pets, elder and sick, and get away with it. The NSA can spy on you, secret courts will allow it.  The President can violate the law and use the color of his skin as an excuse for his poor decisions.

I wrote the below poem as a response to what is happening here in our republic because it leaves open so many questions that no normal person can truly begin to answer. What can only ask, what happened to us? What happened to America? The freedom that America was once known for has died; America fell ill 1871, and died on 9/11. What we have now is an America that is a shadow of its former self.

Then they came for me. . . .

First they came for the gun owners in Connecticut and New York by passing laws against the 2nd Amendment.
I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a gun owner. I never read the Bill of Rights to the Constitution or took seriously the warnings by our Founding Fathers about tyranny or read the history of governments disarming their people under the guise of keep our children safe and general safety and what happened afterwords.

Then they came for the those who questioned the media or what the government said, and I didn’t speak out because I believed what the media or government always said was true and never bothered to think for myself or to research, think critically to see if they’re telling us the truth or a lie.

Then they came for those who questioned and stood up to the Federal government and President(who told us he is the change we can all believe in), because of their unconstitutional policies. I didn’t speak out because I took the Federal government and President at their word to honor the Constitution.

Then they came for those the government considered extremists because the extremists believed in the Constitution and demanded our elected representatives honor their oaths and obligations. I didn’t speak out because I never read the Constitution or was “too busy” to even bother to read the Declaration of Independence.

Then they came for the those who questioned why the police are now acting the like Nazis, shooting our family pets, our sick, and elderly. I didn’t speak out because I was conditioned to believe, like sheep following the sheepherder, it would never happen here, in America, the police and government say they are here to protect us.

Then they came for me because I finally read the Constitution and woke up to what was happening around me, but by than now it is too late, there is no one left to speak for me!


Original Poem

First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

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I am an American citizen: I am not a terrorist! — Video Version

March 27, 2013 Leave a comment

I am an American citizen: I am not a terrorist!

I am an American citizen.
I believe in the ideals of our Constitution, and our Declaration of Independence.
I am not a Democrat or Republican.
I am a simple person who believes our country is dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

I am an American citizen.
I believe governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.
I am not an extremist!

I am an American citizen.
I believe our Southern sister States fought for:

* the Constitution
* for freedom
* liberty as bequeathed by our Fathers to protect their homes and NOT to protect slavery
I am not a racist!

I am an American citizen.
I believe our Northern sister States who fought for the Union believed that the life of the Union was essential to the life of liberty.
That other sentiment, dear to every true American heart-Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!
I am not a tyrant!

I am an American citizen.
I believe our Northern and Southern sister States fought with valor as God gave them to see the right in their cause.
One for liberty in the union of the States, the other for liberty in the independence of the States.
I am not ashamed of either side!

I am an American citizen.
I wish for our future generations to enjoy the freedoms we inherited from our Fathers purchased by Revolutionary blood.
I believe our freedoms are worth defending, fighting and dying for just as the patriots of old and today have.
I am not a terrorist!

But. . . .

Like every one else, I don’t understand why our elected officials are not held accountable when they commit crimes and excuse their colleagues behavior.
I am fearful our elected officials have lost their way, they no longer represent the people, but themselves.
When will our countrymen wake up and correct these errors and mistakes?

Like every one else, I never took seriously the warnings by our Founding Fathers about tyranny.
I was ignorant of our history.

Like every one else, I don’t understand why our president needs 2 billion bullets and weapons.
I never thought I’d live to see the day where a president of the United States would prepare and raise an army to invade his own country.
I am not a conspiracy theorist nor am I being paranoid, especially when they openly talk about it or are exposed for doing so.

Like every one else, I never thought I would live to see the day where American troops are patrolling American cities and towns.
Maybe I am overreacting but I have to ask, are we, the American people, the enemy? Are we at war? If so, with whom, and when did Congress declare war?

Like every one else, I never thought a president of the United States would . . .
. . .condone the deaths of an American citizen with an executive order.
. . . order the deaths of an American citizen without due process of law.

I was naive.

Like every one else, I don’t understand why our elected officials think law abiding American citizens bear arms only for deer or duck hunting.
Do they not understand or remember the history of our country? Are they so ignorant?
I am not a duck or deer hunter but will use a firearm to defend my freedom and yours.

Like every one else, I am confused. Why is Piers Morgan on a crusade to terminate our rights protected by our Constitution?
Does he not remember what started our War for Independence against his country? It was gun confiscation!
Does Piers not remember that part in history of what happened when tyrannical governments disarmed the populace?

Like every one else, I never thought our government or press would. . .
. . .deem us mentally unfit because we want to exercise our right to bear arms to defend our liberties, property and family.
. . .would deem us extremists because we question our government’s abuse of authority and are political dissenters.
Why can’t I defend my liberties, property and family or question our government?

I thought it was our obligation and right to question our government and president, am I wrong?
Like every one else, I never thought our government would deem us felons because we want to exercise our right to bear arms to defend our lives with a 30 round magazine.
What crime did I commit?
I am confused, isn’t the role of government to secure, defend our liberties and not take them?

I Am An American, I Am Not A Terrorist
Like every one else, I never thought our government would . . .
. . . .deem us terrorists because we want to exercise our right to bear arms to defend the sovereignty of our State.
. . . deem us terrorists because we hold our liberties and rights be sacred and are non-negotiable.
I am not a gun fanatic or lunatic nor do I wish to overthrow the Constitution but to protect it against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Like every one else,
I thought the role of government and jobs of our elected officials are to secure, defend and protect our liberties.
Why do people like Michael Bloomberg, Andrew Cuomo and Diane Feinstein use tragedies as an excuse to take our rights away?
Have they forgotten the oaths they have taken to defend, and protect the Constitution of the United States of America?

Now. . .

My eyes are open,
Our country is being taken from us,
I want my country back!

I look for inspiration and guidance,
I read of the days of old, when t’was the days of ’76
Where free men, young and old,
They fought and died for our freedom, our independence,
Each hero American than: brave and bold.

With the noble Stars and Stripes,
Our patriot ancestors, in triumph they appeared,
In what was called the shot heard ’round the world.
In the darkest of times, today, we call upon the memories of our patriot ancestors;
We seek their guidance as they understood their duties to be in the spirit of ’76;

To fulfill that promise 7 score and 10 years ago:
That government of the people, for the people and by the people with her Constitution shall not perish from this Earth.

I am an citizen American who loves the Constitution, our flag and our republic, a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States;
Like the patriots of old believed our country to be;

I am an American citizen: I AM NOT TERRORIST!

By Cycloneous


Quotes, text, speeches and movie lines referenced:

Declaration of Independence, 1776

Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln, 1863

Liberty and Union Speech, Daniel Webster, 1830

American Creed, William Tyler Page, adopted 1918

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Google images search terms:

American bald eagle, betsy ross flag, dhs bullets, soldiers american soil, daniel webster, andrew cuomo, diane feinstein, spirit of 76, gun control, american revolution, drones, executive orders
obama, ignorance, confederate and union soldier, confederate flag, robert e lee, declaration of independence, constitution, no democrat no republican, U.S. Seal, tyranny, michael bloomberg

Software Used:

OpenShot for Debian

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Making The Bus Monitor Cry

June 22, 2012 Leave a comment

There are few things, I believe, that can make my blood boil very quickly and among those are the abuse of children, women and defenseless individuals who are simply trying to go about their lives. However, in addition to that, I do take serious issue with any person or persons abusing the elderly whether it be verbally or physically. I recently read a New York Post article, where an elderly woman, Karen Klein, was tormented several young teenage boys on a school bus in Greece, New York. The tormenting ranged from calling her the following:

  • a fucking troll
  • a fucking fat troll
  • to shut the fuck up
  • fucking ugly ass ears
  • fat ass
  • dumb ass
  • etc., (I think you get the idea)

What is more disturbing is that as this is going on, she is crying and no one bothers to stop these young teenagers or at least stand up for her. I can not fathom what would possess these young boys to do this but none the less, the video has gone viral and has sparked outrage around the internet. Of all the questions one might ask, the only question I have to ask is about the parents of these fine outstanding citizens. When teenagers act out in similar fashion, I have reasoned that in the majority of the time, it is a direct result of how they are being raised and taught. It is quite clear from the video itself, that these tormenters do not respect those who elderly, and worse yet no respect for themselves and it is a direct reflection, I believe, of how they are being raised.

The video itself is about 10 minutes in length, however, I could muster to view it for only about 2 minutes because I became so incensed at what these boys were doing to Karen. It is one thing to make a joke, laugh, apologize and than move on to something else. However, it is another matter when joking is taken to the extreme and it becomes tormenting, and now it is not a joke any more but rather abuse.

I am a firm believer that, when you do something in this world, good or bad, it will come back to you three time, and therefore, it is imperative to treat every one that dwells on this Earth with respect. May be, the people that thought of this concept are wrong, and may be, they are right. Eventually, we do have to answer for our deeds in one form or another.

The most simplest emotion is to be aroused to anger and want to do harm to the boys that tormented Karen, and it is easy for any one of us to want to exact our brand of justice but I do believe, and I hope, that the parents of these boys will make it right by teaching them this form of behavior to any one, not just the elderly is not acceptable behavior; it begins with the parents.

There is good news? As a result of the video going viral, there was a fund set up for Karen Klein, so that she can go on vacation. The fund’s target was just 5000USD, and at the time of this post, it has raised over 450000USD from internet donations. Karma, isn’t it wonderful sometimes?

If you want to donate, please visit: