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People who choose to be insulted

February 14, 2008 Leave a comment

It is amazing to me that in this day and age, and in America, that having an opinion can get you labeled as a racist, sexist, homophobic, or someone with form of psychological disorder. In this day and age, telling someone in public school or institution setting “Merry Christmas” could inflame the cause of religious persecution or of someone not being sensitive to another’s religious beliefs. One must ask ourselves, how ridiculous can religious people, the politically correct, neo-conservatives and neo-liberals can be? Just what do I mean by this discourse of words? Allow me to explain. . .

There is no mistaking the fact that I have a Confederate flag in my place of dwelling, but yet, someone would equate that to me being racist. It is suffice to say, that I have neither have the remotest interest in racial or cultrual demeaning, or have any interest its pursuance of any ideology that favors one race over another. No other empirical proof however is needed than the undeniable fact of my current diverse associations of those of whom I call my friends, brothers and sisters. However, to the politically correct, they would equate of having a Confederate flag as supporting the racial injustices that occur in the West, East, North and South; these politically correct figures such as the NAACP, judge first the person rather than trying to understand the person and why they have the views that they do. Perhaps, if they did their homework, maybe, just may be they would see there are always two sides to every story.

Another example of how political correctness has become so repugnant and so idiotic is the moment someone or group of people have an opinion with regards to another religion and how it is practiced. Sadly, if it is a negative opinion, human nature being the way it is will read into it as being hate speech or simply view into an idea of what they want to see, so if a person thinks I said something hateful about a religion, they will look into what I said and see what they want to see rather than see the value of what is actually spoken; they would rather dismiss the facts and call it hate speech. However, but because we live in a democracy, we must be careful with what we say to ensure we do not inflame cultural or moral sensitivities. To find this type criticism and how repugnant it has become, our british counterpart from across the ocean, Pat Condell[1] has been labeled as a racist. For those of you who do not know who he is, he is a British comedian who is atheist and each week posts commentary about religion and the effects of religion when it gets too much control. His video blogs are very thought provoking and for the most part very true. For example, in some of his video blogs, he lays criticism to Islam and the way it treats people, especially its own followers for attempting to have a social life or where in countries where Islam is very prevalent as the state religion, a person can be murdered for attempting to change from Islam to another religion. Yet, the media in its infinite wisdom would find his commentaries as hate speech because he brings about legitimate criticism backed with facts. Politicians alike, in order to appease their voters would condemn this type of activity, but rather than fostering dialog, politicians would do more harm to seek short terms gains with long term disastrous results in appeasing the religious right or left. As Pat Condell said many times, if you can not accept criticism or different ideas, than truly the problem lies not with me, most likely it is you!

Political correctness has no use except to appease those who can not accept the reality they live in and in all honesty, having an opinion on religion, an ethnic group or culture does not make you racist. It would make you racist if you treated other people with disdain, disgust and not treating them as a human being.

[1] Pat Condell –

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