There is not much about me that I could say that could convince you, the reader, who I am, and what I about. I have different perspective on life and what I see. I was born and raised in New York City, been to different places, have seen many different things.

I do not lean to right, or the left, I try a simple approach, the Chinese approach, balance. If you want to know about me, simply ask, or simply walk in my shoes for four full moons, and you’ll get a blink or hint of what I am about.

I cater to no one, and in the most simplest terms, I believe in freedom, I’ll respect your opinion because it is your right to believe the way you do even if it makes my blood boil to the point of contempt. But in the end, I’ll fight for your right to believe as you do because that is part of our character, the American character.

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