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Illegal Immigration

The marvel of our great country, the 50 united States of America, yes, I spelled
“united” with a lower case, is that anyone, regardless of background can come to our nation, and if they apply themselves properly, can become almost anything they want.

It used to be that our countries policy on immigration was an open door policy. However, as time went on, little by little, our country began to close in on the amount of immigrants it would accept. Now, our country is being bombarded with illegal immigrants from south of the border, Mexico, and with good reason. Economically and politically, Mexico is not stable. There is also wide spread corruption all the way up to their very government, so in a way, I do not blame them for wanting security, prosperity and a place to live where they can actually breath a sigh of relief.

However, with that said, from our perspective, the Mexican immigrants are crossing into our lands, our country illegally and now they want rights immediately. What does this say to those people, who have waited years and have entered our country by due process of law to obtain the privilige of living among the populace? If they want to come here, they should do so by due process of law. They are no different than those who come countries where living conditions are much worse than what they have in Mexico, for example, Darfur or the people of North Korea.

And now, they want to sing our National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, in spanish! Could you imagine, if we went to Mexico and started singing their national anthem in english and started waving the Stars and Stripes? They would be outraged and would have no problem literally deporting us on the spot, no questions asked.

Our very own elected leaders, in their infinite wisdom, now want to give the illegal immigrants a form of amnesty. This is the biggest bullshit, I have ever heard! So basically, our very own elected leaders are saying, because the illegal immigrants are here, already, it is okay for them to break the law, and remain here. There is no doubt in my mind our own politicians are thinking with their wallets and not their brains, they’re probably thinking, what can they get out of those illegal immigrants who are here already in taxes and lower wages. Rather than protecting our very own borders, they are allowing an open border that is threatening our national security, by national security, I mean our very own ability to control who comes in and who stays.

Let it be very clear, my ancestors came here to this country legally and made the effort to learn the language of the majority, english. There should be no complaints about this. Let it also be very clear, I am not against immigration, I am for it, but I am for it by legal means. If you want to come here, fine, do it by legal process. Many of best my friends, who came from living conditions you couldn’t imagine but were patient enough to go through the legal process. If they do not like it, that is not our problem, others have followed the law, and they’re here. If the wanna-be immigrants want to come here that bad, they should follow the law. Whatever is happening in their country is not our problem, we have enough problems of our own already. If they want change, than they should instigate it themselves and demand it now but in their own country, not ours.