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Aurora, Colorado Tragedy: Thoughts

July 24, 2012 Leave a comment

The tragedy that befell Aurora, Colorado has left the community stunned and the rest of our country bewildered as to why the perpetrator committed wanton murder. Like the Columbine tragedy, many people, like myself, find it very difficult to comprehend why such an individual or set of individuals would do this.

I will neither attempt to sugar coat or attempt to sensationalize this tragedy because in the interest and out of respect for those that died. It is very difficult to comprehend, to understand and to even fathom why any one of sound mind would kill any one, for any reason.

I find it rather disturbing that now, we have our politicians pointing fingers at the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution, and saying that it is to blame for this travesty. Nothing but bewilderment engulfs my mind for the simple fact that it is the 2nd Amendment that is the safe guard that allows the people to be the protectors of our blessed republic without it, we are powerless. Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, has begun spewing nonsense and dribble that we need more fire arm control regulations and laws and what that individual and others who share his opinion are a danger to our society as a whole. They are willing to disarm and victimize law abiding citizens at the expense of our future security as a free people.

We can put as a many regulations and laws in place, just like we have put so many already on the propaganda initiatives called the War on Terrorism, the War on Drugs and the War on Poverty. What will it take for individuals like Michael Bloomberg, and others alike to understand that criminals will always find a way to circumvent the law or break it outright, that no amount of regulations can deter a determined but deranged individual from wanton, cold blooded murder.

I do not want the focus of this entry to be on our leadership, because it is not about them, and never will be about them, but rather they are the obstacle in a long train of usurpation’s of our trust and confidence.

In spite of this tragedy, we are obligated to acknowledge these acts of bravery exhibited by some of the individuals who put themselves in harms way to defend the ones they loved and died. It is a mark of the ultimate sacrifice for the ones they cherished like roses but to be never held again. Among the ones that paid the ultimate sacrifice was Alexander Teves, who shielded his girlfriend, Amanda. His girlfriend described him as her angel that night, and rightfully so, he was her guardian angel now among the other angels not part of this world, but rather the next. Another individual that needs mentioning is John Larimer, who shielded his girlfriend, Julia, upon instinct, and for that price, he paid with his life. These acts of bravery are representative of American manhood, that is present in all of us, unfortunately, some will pay with our lives, and while others will not.

I would hope and believe, that we will never forget these individuals, and that we may honor their memory by showing similar acts of bravery when faced with adversity.

To the families of this tragedy, my consolation that I can give, are my prayers and thoughts. I would hope, others do the same not because I asked, but because it is the right thing to do. God speed us all.